Stain-blocking Coating

Innovative coatings offering efficient blocking of stains such as from nicotine, dried water, wood tannin and soot.

Quoi? Comment? Pourquoi?

Most stain blocking coatings available in the market are alkaline dispersions or emulsions with a pH value above 7. An “alkaline medium” acts as a detergent and will consequently dissolve stains, such as nicotine, soot and wood tannin. The stains will subsequently migrate upwards through the paint film during the drying process and reappear on the surface. As a conclusion, we can say that the stains are “absorbed” within the first paint application. At least 2-3 applications are therefore usually required in order to achieve correct stain blocking, especially in connection with heavily stained surfaces.
Stain blocking coatings based on the SeraStop Technology, as developed by SeraPlus, are on the contrary adjusted in the lower pH range (˂ 7). Stains are normally not soluble in an acid environment and they are therefore retained(blocked) even below the first paint application.

Our Product Portfolio:​

SeraMat Aqua ISOL™

A water dilutable coating, specially designed for stain blocking.

·        Perfect stain blocking, even after first application
·        Primer/Topcoat
·        Walls and ceilings
·        Controlled drying without roller marks
·        Deep matt appearance
·        Exceptional finish
·        Interior

LAQ No-Limits™

A water dilutable adhesion and stain blocking primer.

·          Remarkable adhesion on most common substrates
·          Excellent stain blocking capacity
·          Very good corrosion resistance
·          Water and weather resistant
·          Quick drying, hard and washable surface
·          Primer / Topcoat
·          Excellent lay down, quick drying
·          Interior / exterior